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Fun Gala 2018 PDF Print E-mail

Having such fun during our Fun Gala. All learners of ZRC can enjoy an event
and ensure that everyone can be a winner. See Gallery

IMG 3811 IMG 4064

Leomat 2018 PDF Print E-mail

We had some fit learners and educators that did the annual 1000m Leomat race.
See Gallery

IMG 4676 IMG 4680
IMG 4742 IMG 4849

Cross Country 2017 PDF Print E-mail

Every learner at ZRC participated in our cross country held on the 11/08/2017. Some
of the learners were extremely exhausted, but our staff gave support and encouragement
all the way. See Gallery

IMG 1957 IMG 2047

Fun Gala 2017 PDF Print E-mail

With the end of the term nearing and all learners had work very hard to ensure the marks
on their reports will be good, ZRC learners had some fun in the pool. See Gallery

IMG 0918IMG 1066
IMG 1113IMG 1243

Athletics 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Athletics at Zululand Remedial Centre is not always about winning but also to have fun. We had
a most successful Athletics Day on 31/08/2016. Our learners competed like champions and
also displayed some excellent skills in some of our creative items on the day. See Gallery

IMG 8176 IMG 8203 IMG 8457
IMG 8196 IMG 8350 IMG 8516

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