ZRC Educator Conquered Kilimanjaro

I believe.

I believe in 5 year goals and 10 year goals, in wish lists and bucket lists. I think it’s important to write your aspirations down so life doesn’t just pass you by. That was Kilimanjaro for me. It was a monstrous challenge on my bucket list tucked away neatly in my wallet. However, there was a part of me that didn’t believe I could achieve this dream. 

The expedition consisted of hikes through forests with enormous trees and interesting wildlife; moorlands where I first got a taste of altitude sickness; we traversed alpine desert and hiked over glacier rivers, up to a large rock formation called “lava tower” and climbed a rock face known as the Baranco Wall. Here the nights were cold but it was nothing a cup of milo and a song sung in Swahili by our guides couldn’t fix. 

With the help of family, friends, incredible guides and porters I summited “The Roof of Africa” (5895m). 

Climbing Kilimanjaro was the most difficult but rewarding thing I’ve ever done. From altitude sickness and blisters to new friendships and adventure, there is not one moment that I would wish away. I return a stronger version of myself, ready to motivate my students so that they too can believe in themselves and dare to dream.